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Tired of calling when no one is available?

Always call at the perfect time to 3x your call-to-connect rate and close 2x more deals, faster.

40+ of the best B2B Sales teams already trust in calltime

40+ of the best B2B Sales teams trust in calltime

Our approach

The calltime availability scoring model tells you exactly when to call.

Reduce sales time

Talk to 3x more decision makers

Stop calling randomly and trust in the calltime live availability scoring system. Talk with 3x more decision makers without calling more often.

Finn Hollander

Head of Sales Gertrud Digital

What our customers say

"calltime makes cold calling way more fun by increasing our call-to-connect rate by 400%. I am confident it is the main reason we doubled our pipeline in the last months."

Join the list of 40+ of the best B2B Sales teams that already trust in calltime

Join the list of 40+ of the best B2B Sales teams that already trust in calltime

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Case Study

How Gertrud Digital increased their call-to-connect rate by 400%

Finn Hollander

Head of Sales Gertrud Digital

Company Profile

Gertrud Digital offers innovative software for optimizing management and supervisory board meetings.


The Gertrud Digital sales team reached a contact person in only 11% of all calls.


Gertrud Digital has integrated calltime into its CRM and sales process. calltime makes it possible to call potential customers depending on their likely availability. This allowed Gertrud Digital's sales team to reach significantly more decision makers while calling just as often as before.


1. call-to-connect rate: The rate of successful call connections increased from an initial 11% to 45% when the target contacts were marked as most likely available.2. connect to meeting booked rate: This rate improved from 15% to 20%. The increased willingness of contacts to be cold called when shown as available played a key role.3. increase in pipeline: With calltime, Gertrud Digital was able to triple their sales pipeline. The tool is used daily by all Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives.


The implementation of calltime has resulted in a significant increase in sales efficiency and effectiveness for Gertrud Digital.


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